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This is the family I had told you, they are 7 brothers 4, girls and 3 boys, Rocely, silvia, Paul, Rocio, Luz, Yuliza and Veronica. The oldest is 14 and the youngest only 8 months, the father used to work in construction and the mother selling food on the street. The father become alcoholic one day he bit the mother and destroyed the pots, dishes, mattress and everything on the house then he left.

The mother cant cook for sell because there is not pot and the little last child is too young to leave at home. This Sunday we both some food for the family, we went to the local market of Urubamba to do the shopping, my father is helping carrying the grocery. Now we are looking a place in the local market so the mother can sell food and stay with her children at the same time.

Thank you for supporting this family.

We all are their angels.







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