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Would  you like to bless a genuine worthy cause,  
one that is guaranteed to enrich the lives of deprived children in the Sacred Valley of Peru? 
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"It is not enough merely to exist.  You must do something more. You must give some time to your fellow man.  Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who need help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it.  For you do not live in a world all your own. Your brothers and sisters are here too."  
~ Albert Schweitzer  

Divinely Guided Holiday Holiday Gifts 
Bring Light and Love to your Holidays and/or the holidays of a loved one with our One-of-a kind Gifts! 

More and more people desire to donate to the less fortunate during the Holiday Season. The trend is to give a gift to loved ones by donating to a worthy cause in their name. 

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Please bless one or more of the following genuine causes with your generosity?  
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The person whom you donate on behalf of will receive an individualized "Thank You" note with with pictures as well as reports throughout the year - an ongoing reminder of how your Gift to them is still making a difference and benefiting those experiencing severe poverity.  
We know this is a long newsletter. 
Because people are interested in different areas we wanted to highlight the various areas where we are making a  a significant difference in the lives of those in need.
   Please scroll through to see if anything catches your attention and touches your heart.
IN PERU IN 2010/11

By transforming the Lives of Children  
you make a difference in the World
                          and a positive investment in the future.  

We are nurturing, educating, empowering and inspiring severly underprivileged children and adults to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world... and we are delighted to announce they do!! 

logo_paskayCasa Hogar Del Sol and Paskay are located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, and The Enlightened Humanitarian Society is located in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. All are all-volunteer, nonprofit organizations where your donations GO where you intended them to go and DO make huge differences! 

GUARANTEE!  98-100% of your donation goes directly to those  in need.  You are welcome to visit the children or projects you support at any time!

"Casa Hogar Del Sol" means a 'Safe Haven' for the impoverished Children of the Sun and"Paskay" means 'Metamorphosis' ~ breaking free from the confining chains/cocoons and limitations that hold them back. We empower these underprivileged to become self-sustaining and expressing their full potential. Enlightened Humanitarians means 'knowing' when it is a genuine cause and giving form the heart expecting nothing in return. 

1.800.344.2750   604.385.1111  604.239.HEAL (4325)

"Ayni" a Quetchua word meaning, 'today you give to me, tomorrow I give to you and others'

   Pay It Forward? 
  We definitely are! You can to! 
Washi, Mama Sharon, Carlos 
As a Caring Ambassador and Enlightened Humanitarian for Paskay and Casa Hogar Del Sol we will gladly send you pictures and progress reports throughout the year. You will learn more about our young people like Carlos, Washington, Maria-Liliana, Cristian, Marlene, Janet, Soreyada, Paul, Rogelio, Eddie, Ronnie, Marcelo, to name a few, who have benefited from Mama Sharon's programs for the last 20+ years and Paskay's and Casa Hogar Del Sol/ programs for the last four.  All, except Cristian, have university degrees.  Paul is studying natural medicine and tourism. Cristian is our gifted herbalist, gardener, photographer and Carlos's right-hand man.  
Today they and several others are caring young men and women giving back to their community in extraordinary ways.  Carlos, Washingtonand  Padre Rene are strong voices and support for the poor in Peru and on a regular basis trekking miles to bring food, school supplies, dental care, lighting, satellite phones, blankets and clothing to the severly underprivileged dwelling in remote, high, destitute Andean Mountain communities.    


Carlos is like a Knight in Shining Armor intuitively knowing when someone is going through the Dark Night of the Soul and where to find them.  He rescues them from danger and despair and gives them a new and significantly improved life. E.g. Theodora, Joanna, Pashar, Tastayoc, Rumira.    
Maria-Liliana, who graduated as a psychologist, and Carlos are 
evaluating and helping families where domestic violence, incest, alcohol and absent fathers are rampant.   


Mama Sharon founded her 1st Peruvian foundation for the severely underprivileged in 1992. Later with Carlos co-founded Casa Hogar Del Sol in 2008 and Paskay as a satellite in 2010.     


Our amazing young adults have built food-lines, greenhouses, eco-bathrooms, solar panels, and furnished schools in several impoverished areas. They intend to supply schools and install food-lines and greenhouses in all of the severely deprived high Andean mountain communities. Each, in their own way, has implemented projects to teach people skills and money management in order to generate an income for themselves and their families.


carlos_ground_kidsCarlos called "The Father of the Children" is co-founder of Casa Hogar Del Sol, Paskay, and vise- president of The Enlightened Humanitarian Society. He organized huge dental programs covering 20 remote communities; and since the devastating floods wiped out thousands of homes, has workedunrelentingly offering those people a new and better chance at life and to become self-sustaining. He truly is amazing, a God send to us and dedicated to empowering and inspiring countless indigenous children and adults in the High Andes.


Enlightened Humanitarian Board 
    Mama Sharon    Carlos              Janet             Donna               Kalona            

New Supporters:


Donna Roberts Cherald             Tutt  Priscilla Leavitt         Phyllis DiLeo   Bob Berman 


New Fund Raisers: 
Joanne Cuff
Pamela Fitzgerald
Barbara Sager


These wonderful people took part in our 2012 Chocolatada.

Are you interested in serving on our Board?  
We would GREATLY appreciate additional Board Members with exceptional skills and attributes such as: Secretary, Media Relations, Fundraising, Letter Writing, Brochure Creator, PowerPoint/videos, etc ...

('Disadvantaged' meaning deprived of many of the rights and privileges enjoyed by most people in society, due to extreme poverty.)


         Washi 11 yrs        Washi 27 yrs            MariaLiliana 12 yrs - 22 yrs                Carlos 25 yrs
                                     Entrepreneur                             Psychologist                   BusinessAdministrator
carlos_gradpaul_medicalschoolMarlena_youngmarlena_sfsoreyda_nurseCarlos 20+ yrs   Paul 19 yrs                  Marlena 13 yrs        Marlena 23 yrs                 Soreyda 22 yrs
Aspiring Doctor                                                Nurse                                        Nurse 
Washington has published 4 books and Carlos has published one. Marlene, Janet and Soreyada have graduated and nursing in local hospitals.  MariaLilliana graduated as a Psychologist and is working in a shelter for abused women and children. She is also teaching psychology at the University several afternoons a week. Marialilliana´s two brothers are studying Law.  Some of you may remember Marcos (Pollo) his son is now a psychiatrist. 
Our young adults are all first-rate examples of "Ayni" (today you give to me ~ tomorrow I give to you and others) - Paying It Forward.  
Paskay, Casa Hogar Del Sol  and The Enlightened Humanitarian Society are run by dedicated people who need additional help and funding to sustain these vital programs, and to meet the increasing needs in this region.  


 Corazón negro grueso Your loving support and financial assistance is a blessing to our projects and impoverished Children.    

Please visit our websites at 


man_heartsm As a contributing philanthropist you are invited to visit "your" child  and many more wonderful children  or projects during one of our Sacred Journeys so that you may see for yourself how your donations have made a difference. Unfortunately, due to extreme poverty, countless bright, intelligent Peruvian children are not attending school, their families can not afford the required uniforms and school supplies.    


Corazón negro grueso Would you like to sponsor one of these children or projects?   
. .
Contributions may be made on the Internet with creditcards or PayPal at or by sending a check payable to Paskay to 14840 20A Ave,Surrey, B.C., Canada, V4A 8L3, or you can wire it directly to the CHDS bank account in Peru. If this is your preference please email for the routing information or call 1-800-344-2750 or 604-385.1111. 


Corazón negro grueso If your heart resonates with a particular child or any of our life-enhancing projects, please include us in your monthly tithing. Know that you will make a bright child's heart smile, fill his or her tummy, and ensure an education and warm clothes. Your generous donation will be returned to you one hundred-fold in so many ways.   


"In the end it will not matter what type of house you lived in, the kind of car you drove, or how much money you had in the bank, but rather whether or not you have touched the life of a child."


Rumira has the highest rate of child malnutrition in Peru. The parents are desperate. No jobs are available as 98% of adults are unable to read or write, and speak only Quechua.


"Peace, to have meaning for many who have only known suffering in both peace and war, must be translated into food, shelter, health, nurturing, empowerment and education, as well as freedom and human dignity."
Rumira is a little Community that we are taking under our wing. Rumira is located 10 minutes from Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley of Peru and is home to many families who have migrated down from the exceedingly high mountain communities after the mudslides to look for schools for their Children's education, and better work opportunities for themselves.   However, these families have great difficulty finding work as 98% of them are unable to read or write, and most only speak Quechua. Not only that, but due to the fact they have moved down out of the High Mountains, they no longer are able to grow food like they once did, nor can they afford to buy in the market places or eateries.  
Like most of the communities in such dire conditions, alcoholism is a big issue. In desperation the men and some women feel there is no hope. They turn to alcohol made from paint-thinner and/or domestic abuse, and everyone suffers. Our proposed programs are a way to give hope, self-esteem and the chance to break free from limitations and create a new way of life.   
Building a School for children & iterate adults
The Rumira school well be open and available for children to attend in the morning from 8:00am - 12:00noon and for the uneducated adults 1:00 - 5:00pm to learn Spanish, reading, writing and mathematics. We will have a childcare facility attached offering various programs to develop and express their creativity.
Through this we are creating effective means for change, not just for this generation but also for every generation to come. It is a proven fact that when a mother in a 3rd world country is educated she is 82% more likely to ensure her children are educated which helps break the vicious cycle of poverty.



This picture was taken of a school we helped built 15 years ago.  
Willoq is now fully self-sustaining.
"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and along these fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects." - Henry Melvill  
The need for creating Organic Gardens
 Image from one of our greenhouses
Nowadays, markets are filled with food produced with chemicals such as strong insecticides, hormones and genetically modified seeds. As such it is imperative we produce and grow our food organically, reviving and preserving ancient knowledge of nature. Our gardens will only use natural fertilizers such as manure from animals, especially from Cuy   (Guinea Pigs), as well as natural insecticides such as plant extracts.
Here, we will facilitate workshops to teach the effective ancient techniques of organic food production. The workshops will emphasize the protection of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the reforestation of indigenous plants for native animal shelter.
These classes will be for the children from the surrounding schools as well as the unemployed members of the communities. This priceless education will help drastically cut down on malnourishment, sickness and desperation.
CHOCOLATADA in the High Andes of Peru
.  cutegirll_chocomake_chocolatachoco_santa_hugNotice the line up of people anticipating their mug of Chocolatada and the primitive way of boiling the water and milk for the hot chocolate. Most of these communities do not have electricity yet.  
A yearly Chocolatada Fiesta was initiated 12 yrs. ago by Washi & Mama Sharon for the underprivileged children in the high Andes. All enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate, a toy, fruit bread, school supplies, clothes/shoes. Due to extreme poverty, for most, these were the only gifts they received all year.  
The 1st year the Chocolatada benefited 450, last year over 4000 children plus mothers and fathers celebrated. Chocolatada 2012 will delight even more impoverished children & adults.


Corazón negro grueso Your contribution toward this endeavor will be greatly appreciated!
Chocolatada Letter from one of our "children"  (there are many more)
 With all my love I am wishing you Happy Xmas festivities... but also I am saddened by two phenomenons more noticeable during this holiday period, the social injustice underlined by the people's hypocrisy,  it is making more evident the painful inequality between the social classes as we are celebrating Jesus' birth.  These last days I have seen so many poor kids from thousand different communities of the Cusco region, they came down, and only God knows how, and are sleeping for two or three nights in the severe cold of the streets, moved only by the hope of receiving a toy and some chocolate with a piece of breaks one's heart to see such a sad spectacle and so many people passing by, indifferent, only preoccupied by their own business.  Thank God for you and Washi. Querida Mama,  te envio  todo mi cariño y agradecimiento... todo mi amor, besos y cariños. Paull
choco_empty girl_rags_cup  kids_close_willoq  
It is not enough merely to exist. You must do something more. You must give some time to your fellow man. Even if it's a little thing, do something for those who need help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it. For you do not live in a world all your own. Your brothers and sisters are here too. ~ Albert Schweitzer

Following are some of the Precious Souls that have! 

michele_giftExcluding the shopping days, it takes us 5 days to make Chocolatada a reality for 4000+.  We dispatch clothes and shoes to those most in need. All receive a gift, school supplies, fruit breads and hot chocolate. Hard work? YES! But so heartwarming! So touching! The delight of the of the children definitely make it all worthwhile.  The children and adults are so appreciative of their meager gift that we often have tears in our eyes.   


We bless the piles of goodies intending to have enough for everyone and invariablyWE Do! YEAH!! It would be awful to leave some precious little souls out! Wouldn't it?! Santa and Winnie the Pooh (they call him "Winnie the Poop") arrive on motorcycles followed by cars packed to the hilt with the huge pots, milk, chocolate, spices and fruit breads. Finally we arrive in our decorated bus with all the gifts, clothes and school supplies.
.  .
The 'children', young, old and very old are so appreciative of their simple gifts. They cherish them. Over and over these beautiful, simple, loving, grateful people tug at or hearts! Sadly here in North America we rarely see appreciation that.
Corazón negro grueso It is with a deeply grateful heart that I say to you with absolute sincerity and Love, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!" for all of your efforts in helping the beautiful Children of Peru. God bless you and your loved ones this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year! Mama Sharon
Corazón negro grueso Again this year... Heartfelt Thank you Dear David S of Vancouver for your continued and GREATLY appreciated 'education' support over the years. Truly a God-send many months! 
Corazón negro grueso  Overflowing thank yous and profound appreciation to Carlos Gibaja Tapia, the most loving, caring, honest, dedicated, hard working and loyal person I have ever had the honor and pleasure of having in my life and working with. Carlos is President and Administrator of both CHDS and Paskay.
. .
Corazón negro grueso  A heartfelt thanks to Meg Robinson in Spain who for the last 3 years organized Fundraisers for our Chocolatada. Meg came 3 years ago and was so touched by what we are doing that she created a beautiful booklet full of photos. It is available at
Corazón negro grueso  Abundant Thank yous Dear Janet Bristeir for your monthly donation, for your fundraising efforts, plus continued inspiring help in countless ways as well as your exceptional gift of manifesting hospital supplies, pens, pencils, toothbrushes, etc., etc. You truly are a blessing to all of us at Paskay and The Enlightened Humanitarian Society!      


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Ann L for your expertise and support in filing the necessary legal papers for The Enlightened Humanitarian Society.   


Corazón negro grueso Thank you Dear Donna Galbraith for your ongoing monthly support for Theodora and her children making it possible for her children to attend and excel in school.    


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Darriel and Greg in your efforts to obtain the much needed computers and phones for our university students. We pray that you are successful!  


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Barbara Sager for your fundraising efforts and going out of your way to help spread the word about us! We thank you for all that you do and we hope that your upcoming volunteer experience in Peru is enjoyable and uplifting for you.    


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Washi for your four books on ancient wisdom and indigenous medicine, for bringing solar lights to many high communities, your food-line and ongoing dedication to those in need.   


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Vicki and Drew Toebosch for coming forth at strategic times during the year with a donation. 


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Phyllis DiLeo for your recent generous donation.   


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Lenore for you help with the fundraisers and being our 'fix-it Angel' around our Healing Center.   


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Priscilla Walker for your donation and extraordinary mosaic art work.


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Dear Alison Pryer for your donation of warm boots for our children.  


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you Carina Ana M for your ongoing help during workshops, packing the supplies for Peru and saving me countless hours of work around the Healing Centre.


Corazón negro grueso  Thank you to ALL who contribute or contributed in any way! Without your help all 'this' would not be possible.


All of you who have or will contribute to our worthy causes please take slow deep breath, close your  eyes, take a moment to sense or see our children's sparkling eyes,hear their 'yumms' as they shared fruit breads and hot chocolate. Hear their joyful giggles. Feel their appreciation for the toys, pens and pencils. (For most this is the only gift they will receive in the year; their families (if they have one) are so poor.) Breath in their gratitude. 


Know that because you who donated previously thousands of adorable Peruvian children are smiling since the Chocolatada, but more than that know that your gesture will warm their hearts for a long time to come. 

Corazón negro grueso To them it means that somewhere someone cares ... and does something about it!  Thank you!! Thank you!! 



School Supplies for the Children  


Millions of children live in the high Andes. Soqma School in one of the native communities in the Sacred Valley. The elevation is extremely high, around 5000 meters.  Sometimes their schools have straw roofs, thin walls with little windows in an attempt to block off the severe cold at that elevation.  Their parents are natives who sometimes have so many children that they can't feed them, so they drink too much alcohol that in the end kills them.
I am lucky to live close to those areas and see the reality of these children.  My brother Carlos and I went to these communities and shared school supplies with 200 children.  They were so happy and smiled when we arrived because they were writing in last year's notebooks that were dirty.  It is very hard to get to those places because the only way to get there is to walk up the mountains for hours.  The heaviness of the school supplies makes it even harder.   
When my brother and I were children, five days a week we walked four hours to get to the school.  One day we met a wonderful lady, her name is Mama Sharon.  She appeared like an angel in our hometown.  She loved us and supported us for our education.  Thanks to her we could be educated and do something for the children that represent us when we were kids.   Now we have Path of the Heart, Casa Hogar Del Sol and Paskay along with other wonderful people that help the children in Peru, as well as Mama Sharon.  They help with the food for hundreds of children that need to continue studying.   
Carlos with some children walk in coldness in above picture; their faces are a little dark and they are in their native sandals.  They are just so happy for the things that we brought for the children. With your support we can make all this possible on a regular basis for more children that really need your help and your Love.
Thanks also to all of you for your support and Love to the children.
Love, Light and Happiness
Washi and Carlos     

A couple of years ago Carlos discovered 183 children in rags, skinny, lifeless eyes, and desperately in need of help. Since then we have built a food-line and classrooms, and been bringing clothes, shoes, food and school supplies. We are witnessing encouraging improvements! Here they are a year and a half later,  October 2010... shining eyes, rosy cheeks and full tummies, loving their new classrooms and exceptional teachers. Their hand-made letters of appreciation brought tears to my eyes.
"Be like the fountain that overflows, not like the cistern that merely contains."  - Paulo Coelho   
tastay_winding_road tastay_greenhouse tastay_green_inside 
This is the Community HIGH in the Andes (see road to get there) that Carlos and Paskay created and are looking after. Carlos and Christian, along with people from the surrounding area, built greenhouses, a kitchen, dining room, schoolrooms, bathrooms. It's such a delight to witness how happy and healthy the children have become in such a short time.  


Our 'real' bathrooms are Eco friendly. The showers are solar heated and we have a huge water reservoir. The greenhouses and medicinal herb gardens are flourishing. The Tastayoc children sang an extremely touching song about how we are all One, about the conditions on Patcha Mamma (Mother Earth) and how we must all join together to do out part. These children are in the middle of nowhere with no outside contact, no TV, and yet so conscious.  


Yes, the Children really are our future! 
tastay_swing_happy   tastay_cute_girl tastay_swing_group 

dental_brush_teeth  dental_check_teeth  dental_group 
After many years of receiving a daily meal at our food-lines, the children are considerably healthier; however, proper medical and dental care is scarce. Carlos recognized the need for these services and thanks to his big heart and persistent dedication he found a 'miracle' solution. He approached dentists and medical doctors who accepted to care for the children free of charge.  Then he proceeded to setting everything up, renting generators, and organizing the 20 communities. No easy feat in the high mountains!  In this way 2000+ children and adults were seen for dental problems and parasites! Carlos intends to have this service provided annually. 


This is another successful example of our team acting from the heart. Casa Hogar Del Solo and Paskay brought new dynamics to that corner of South America, a new awareness that together they are enough and that nothing is impossible when there is goodwill and "ayni" (today you give to me, tomorrow I give to you and others)."Paskay"- they can and ARE metamorphosing out of an impoverished life with no opportunities into a self-sustaining one.  
flood_ragingwater flood_bridgewashi_house_flood 
In February 2010, the flood-devastation in Peru, Cusco and the Sacred Valley left more than 10,000 homeless people & more than 37,000 people adversely affected. More than 16,000 hectares of crops have been damaged or ruined.  


This was a great tragedy for the beautiful heart-centered, hard-working people of the Andes.  They had very little prior to this catastrophic event.  With the help of emergency fund raising events and donations, (where 100% went directly to those in need)  new food-lines opened to feed the homeless. Temporary tents/shelters were set up, along with blankets, warm clothes, rain boots, water, non-perishable foods, candles, medicines, etc were delivered for immediate relief.   

flood_blankets  flood_boots  flood_girl_boots
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead to where there is no path and leave a trail."- Ralph Waldo Emerson  .. WE DID!


The Guinea Pigs Have Arrived At Cuylandia!
guinea_farm      guineapigs 


The Guinea Pig Project was created to give the Flood Victims who lost their homes and means of living a way to reclaim their self-sufficiency, self-esteem and hope for the future.


"The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches,
 but reveal to them their own." -Benjamin Disraeli
Hospital Supplies to Kaudaywasi Clinic

Kawasaki, located in the Sacred Valley, is a clinic for underprivileged people. When they are not able to attend to complicated surgeries, the person in need is taken to USA.  Their trip and other expenses will be paid for.  


Corazón negro grueso Thank you Gorge and Kathy of Desana INC.  The glasses and medical supplies brought from USA where given to the Kaudaywasi Local Clinic. Doctors and nurses were overjoy by the donation.


 Corazón negro grueso Thank you Janet B for your continued success in obtaining medical supplies for our clinics. 



Angel Sharon Forrest
"Dear Mama Sharon, These Holidays are the Symbol of the existence of God the Divine who manifests alive each time we are generous along the year.  His angel usually goes wrapped in turquoise clothes and scintillates intensely, speaking a foreign language.   She wears golden hair and heals with her eyes and her hands.  She speaks of love and sings forgiveness.  To the children she and her friends bring gifts, respecting and loving them they give them hope and a chance at life.  Those angels are Celestial Lovers who create miracles.
You, Angel, you touched me and you and your angelic friends filled up my hands with gifts. Sweet Christmas, ANGEL OF THE CHILDREN, a big hug and my deep love.  Live in love.   
Thank you Angel. 
Your friend Pavela  (A Nun who helps runs Sipascancha Alta)  

 GREAT NEWS! Theodora's 2 children that were kidnapped and missing for 2 months have been found. YEAH!!  Thank you Carlos and Cristian for your persistence!


You may recall that Carlos found Theadora and her 7 children last year just after her husband had gone berserk from drinking paint thinner and demolished their shack and all their belongings with a machete.   


The picture on the left was taken just after Carlos had found her terrified, crying, her face all swollen.    The above picture on the right is the dilapidated shack that she and her family lived in, the yard  a puddle of stagnant water.


The picture below on the left was taken one year later after we took her under our wings, look at her smile and and the shear look of delight beaming from her face. We were able to catch this intimate moment between Theadora and Enlightened Humanitarian Board Member Donna.    


The middle picture below is of her now happy and healthy children.  On the far right just shows her with her new animals




The photo on the left is of the traumatized little girl, on the right 6 months later.


Corazón negro grueso In one and half years Theodora has managed to save enough money to buy her own property. Congratulations Theodora!  


Unfortunately we ran out of funds when we were assisting her in building a safe and stable home for her and her 7 children.  


Financial help for this project would be greatly appreciated.      




P.S. I just got off skype with Carlos on his cell phone. He was working on Theodora's new house. She was squirming with happiness and so proud that she will finally have a safe and stable home for her 7 children.  This is a picture of what they have built so far. The photo is blurry because Carlos was using his cell phone to show me her place.    


Theadora has decided from the bottom of her heart to give back in 'Ayni', with sincere gratitude and appreciation for all she has received. She opened her new home to us as a Chocolatada site for the underprivileged in her area. She enjoyed and gave thanks to those that helped her and her family as well as meet new and friendly faces. What an opportunity to bless her home with the positive energy and love.    


Little Jose who was run over by a car and left severely traumatized by the sound of trucks, cars, motorbikes etc, thanks to one session of CCMBA and EFT is fine and asking for a ride!



Joanna, mother of 8, who was left homeless with a new born baby is now happy in her temporary living quarters. (Another house needed here for this hard-working mother who has gone through hell) 


Christian who some of you may recall went through a horrible "Dark Night of the Soul" two years ago is happy, healthy, a fantastic helper and photographer for Carlos, and the father of a little boy.   


Washi's wife Pamela give birth to a little girl, their 2nd.  

(We need a safe haven for people like the above mentioned 2 ladies with large families!!)

Corazón negro grueso We are looking for Enlightened Philanthropists willing to donate towards making this dream a reality Corazón negro grueso
Casa Hogar Del Sol ~ Home for the Children of the Sun and Clinic
Casa Del Sol ~ Retreat Center and cozy Auberge / Inn  


CHDS: When I was very young I tried to convince my mother's wealthy friends to give up their mansions so I could open an orphanage that would be a safe haven for abandoned and abused children and adults.  Unfortunately, none complied.  I felt that both the young and the old had so much to give and both deserved  a chance at life.
CHDS will be a place where the young will benefit from the wisdom and the nurturing ways of the elders, and the elders will benefit from the playful energy, affection and willingness to learn of the young. Both will feel loved, needed, and appreciated. Both will feel they are contributing something of value to CHDA and it's inhabitants.


Thirty of the brightest of these "street children" will be blessed  with the opportunity to gain an education and shown a path of light and love. As well, we will carefully select a small group of approx. ten talented, but impoverished elders who will help oversee the children and assist in daily operations of CHDS.  They too will also gain a tremendous  amount of knowledge and experiences that will enhance their lives forever.


The Gardeners will teach gardening, the Herbalists - herbs, the Weavers - weaving, Musicians - music, the Artists - art,  the Carpenters - carpentry, the Shamans - Ancient Wisdom, The Quradores - healing, etc..  The  youngsters will also learn computer sciences and business administration from our children who have graduated in those fields. 




DAY CARE: for working mothers so they can be at peace knowing their children are being fed, nurtured and safe. E.g. The woman with 8 little children.  


Retreat Center: The children will learn from the tourists coming from many countries and the tourists eager to know more about the Andean culture, their beliefs and ceremonies will learn and benefit from CHDS heart-centered indigenous people. 
Casa Del Sol RETREAT CENTER:                                                         
Some of the plans, amenities and projects we envision for our Casa Hogar Del Sol &Casa Del Sol Projects include:


Corazón negro grueso Talented local people will build all the furniture.
Corazón negro grueso Soundproof workshop area for facilitators/leaders that wish to hold events for up to 25-30 people. 
Corazón negro grueso CDS will offer classes on Ancient Wisdom, Shamanism, Indigenous herbs, their preparation and uses, various modalities of Healing and meditation, plus week-long retreats for healing and rejuvenation on an ongoing basis. As well as 2-week Intensives on Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.  10, 14, and 21-Day  Sacred Journeys with genuine male and female Shamen and Medicine Men and Women. 
Corazón negro grueso 7, 10, 14, and 21-Day Reversing Disease and Healing Abuse Programs similar to what we offered at our residential clinic in Curenavarca, Mexico.  
Corazón negro grueso Soundproof, state-of-the-art Conference Center equipped with multimedia equipment including drop down presentation screens, a sound system, recording equipment, etc.
Corazón negro grueso Art room for teaching ancient pottery, watercolor painting and weaving. Here our children will be encouraged to develop their unique artistic talents. They will be able to sell their art to tourists teaching them communication and business skills. 
 Corazón negro grueso The Computer Lab will provide the opportunity for children to learn how to use computers.  Visitors and workshop leaders will also have access to them when the classes are not in process.
 Corazón negro grueso Colorful local art will enhance Casa Del Sol's Andean them.
 Corazón negro grueso This will also give the locals the opportunity to sell their art to visiting tourists. 
 Corazón negro grueso Greenhouses for CHDS and CDS organic food.


FREE CLINIC: Free-for-the-underprivileged Clinics are desperately needed! We intend to have state-of-the-art equipment. We are delighted to say that our clinic will be staffed by the children we educated and nurtured. A wonderful young Peruvian lady who is studying Midwifery in the USA will join us next year. We will teach classes on birth control, domestic violence,  etc., etc. 


Corazón negro grueso Corazón negro grueso  In a short time this "community" effort will be self-sustaining.  




Please help this dream become a reality so that we may enhance the lives of countless heart centered and appreciative Peruvian people as well as visitors/tourists from around the world. 

At the center of the Universe is a loving heart that continues to beat and that wants the best for every person.  Anything that we can do to help foster the intellect and spirit and emotional growth of our fellow human beings, that is our job. Those of us who have this particular vision must continue against all odds.  Life is for service." --Fred Rogers


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If your heart resonates with a particular child or any one of our important projects, please include us in your monthly tithing. Know that you will make a bright child's heart smile, fill his or her tummy, and ensure an education. Your generous donation will be returned to you one hundred-fold in so many ways.  
SF Juana  
Tax-deductible contributions: double check with your accountant as Casa Hogar Del Sol/Paskay are Peruvian non-profits and The Enlightened Humanitarian Society and The Wayshowers are  Canadian non-profits. 

Donations may be made: 
1: On the Internet with PayPal or creditcard on    

2: Send a check payable to Casa Hogar Del Sol or Paskay to 14840 20A Ave, Surrey, B.C., Canada, V4A 8L3

3: Call 1-800-344-2750 to make a direct deposit into our Peruvian bank. 

Upon receiving your donation you will immediately be sent an official receipt. 

May your "every" day in 2013 feel like a NEW year - a fresh start, a glorious opportunity and a HUGE Blessing. 
As you proceed with your busy days, may they become ones in which a goal is reached, a worthy deed is done, and a joy is found. May your Light and Universal Light, shine upon and within all people and all things as a new and better world for ALL is created.    
Mama Sharon & Carlos
"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve."-  Albert Schweitzer 

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