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Paskay is a statement of purpose. “Paskay”, a Peruvian Quetchua word, means to break the bonds of limitations and poverty in order to reach one’s potential. Paskay is an international, non-governmental, non denominational, non-profit organization that seeks to affirm the dignity and worth of every human being and to encourage respect for people without distinction as to race, color, creed, sex, religion, language, or social status.

Paskay is dedicated to exploring all avenues and possibilities in the humanities and sciences that further the full realization of human potential and to fostering the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all those in need in the High Andean Mountains of Peru.

Paskay provides a wide range of learning opportunities to empower deprived children and adults to acquire knowledge, develop self-esteem and skills and to cultivate their unique talents, thereby creating healthier, happier self-sustaining productive lives for themselves and others.

Paskay is a means of education, and transformation for those who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. Each day Paskay is making it possible for people to learn and experience many new and beautiful things that will one day serve them as they in turn help others.

The continuing purpose of Paskay’s Education Program is to graduate young people who will make the world a better place for others, not just for themselves.

The impact of today’s most powerful ‘social entrepreneurs’ is rooted in who they were as young people. Guided by values, they fully internalized empathy, integrity and compassion; then went on from this essential foundation to teamwork and then leadership. We encourage our Peruvian teenagers to become caring, powerful change-makers, ones that nothing can stop them in life. Developing these kinds of young leaders is Paskay’s gift and Mission.

Paskay offers sponsorship programs that provide ‘safe havens’ for the street and impoverished children and adults, nurturing, medical care and counseling for unwed mothers, workshops for adults, food lines for the hungry, medical and dental care and class rooms in small communities, as well as advanced, university, and polytechnic education for those who would truly benefit.

Healing is nurturing with love, acceptance, emotional support, encouragement and prayer; it is giving a meal to someone who has not eaten, making it possible for a bright youngster to attend university, buying shoes and boots for a child whose feet are freezing and clothes to cover them, finding shelter for those who have lost their homes and teaching skills so that they can create an income. There are so many ways that the Paskay touches the lives of those in need and makes a profound difference.



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"Peace, to have meaning for many who have only known suffering must be translated into food, shelter, health, nurturing, education and empowerment, as well as a chance at life and human dignity."

Please join us in reaching out in love and compassion to our less fortunate sisters and brothers. Together We Can Make A Bigger Difference! To the extent that we can fulfill this goal…will we find happiness ourselves.

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Some people come to see the remarkable stonework of Machu Picchu, or to hike the world famous Inca Trail. And others come for the deeper purpose of spiritual evolution.

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