Notice the line up of people anticipating their mug of Chocolatada and the primitive way of boiling the water and milk for the chocolate. Most of these communities do not have electricity yet.

A yearly Chocolatada Fiesta was initiated 10 yrs. ago by Washi & Mama Sharon for the underprivileged children in the high Andes. All enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate, a toy, fruit bread, school supplies, clothes/shoes.
Due to extreme poverty, for most, these were their only gifts they received all year.
The 1st year the Chocolatada benefited  450, last year over 4000 children plus mothers & fathers celebrated.
Chocolatada 2010 will delight even more impoverished children & adults.

❤ Your contribution toward this endeavor will be greatly appreciated!


The following is just one letter, there are many more.

(Chocolatada Letter from one of our "children") With all my love I am wishing you Happy Xmas festivities... but also I am saddened by two phenomenons more noticeable during this holiday period, the social injustice underlined by the people's hypocrisy,  it is making more evident the painful inequality between the social classes as we are celebrating Jesus' birth. 
These last days I have seen so many poor kids from thousand different communities of the Cusco region, they came down, and only God knows how, and are sleeping for two or three nights in the severe cold of the streets, moved only by the hope of receiving a toy and some chocolate with a piece of breaks one's heart to see such a sad spectacle and so many people passing by, indifferent, only preoccupied by their own business. 
Thank God for you and Washi. Querida Mama, te envio todo mi cariño y agradecimiento.. todo mi amor.. besos y cariños. PAUL


Calling Organizations & Volunteers

"Peace, to have meaning for many who have only known suffering must be translated into food, shelter, health, nurturing, education and empowerment, as well as a chance at life and human dignity."

Please join us in reaching out in love and compassion to our less fortunate sisters and brothers. Together We Can Make A Bigger Difference! To the extent that we can fulfill this goal…will we find happiness ourselves.

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